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Vibrating mixer VSML-500

Laboratory vibrating mixer on the base of vibrating processing plant SVU - SVU-2SM with interchangeable mixing chambers V = 2х0, 5, 2x1, 0, 2x3, 2x6 l  
Vibrating mixer VSM 2x (0,5-6)
Vibrating mixer VSM 2x (6-10)
Vibrating mixer VSM 2x10 (5) and VSM 2x10 (15), VSM 2x25 (10)
Vibrating mixer VSM 2x20 (40)
Vibrating mixer VSM 2x30, VSM 2x30 (40)
Vibrating mixer VSM 2x60, VSM 2x60 (30)
Vibrating mixer VSML 2x100
Vibrating mixer VSML 2x160
Vibrating mixer VSML 500


Quantity of tanks, pcs Tank volume, l, not more than Load volume, l Grain size of load material, mm, not more than
VSML-500 1 870 500 10

Performance model Set power, kW Vibrating frequency, Hz Vibrational amplitude,mm Vibrating part weight, kg
VSML-500 30 25 3...4 1115

Performance model Height, mm Width, mm Weight, kg
VSML-500 1500 2600 1965

Vibrating mixer VSML-500



Designed for mixing and homogenization of bulk, including the fine materials, with any difference of specific gravities. Can be used in any industry. Features of mixers are the absence of internal mixing tanks, forcibly transported mixing elements. Simple design gives high reliability and durability of the mixer. Vibrating mixers have ten times greater specific productivity than traditional mixer constructions, while ensuring the high quality of the finished mixture. Applied design methods allow you to shoot the peaks of uneven loading of components over time. Mixers are easy to seal, have low metal consumption and occupy small production area.
If necessary, mixing tanks may be equipped with means of heating or cooling.
It is possible to equip mixers with additional tanks of lesser volume.


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