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Laboratory processing unit on the base of SVU-2: SVU-2х0,5; SVU-2х1; SVU-2х2; SVU-2х4

 Laboratory vibrating processing unit on the base of vibrating processing plant SVU-2, with removable tanks V = 2х0, 5, 2x1, 0, 2x2, 0, 2x4, 0 l
Vibrating processing units VO 2x4, VO 2x25
Vibrating processing unit VO 2x40
Vibrating processing unit "Vibrind"


Performance model Working regime Quantity of tanks, pcs Tank capacity, l Power, kW
SVU-2х0,5 Batch 2 0,4 1,1
SVU-2х1 Batch 2 0,8 1,1
SVU-2х2 Batch 2 1,6 1,1
SVU-2х4 Batch 2 3,5 1,1

Performance model Width, mm Height, mm Weight, kg
SVU-2х0,5 580 1070 less than 170
SVU-2х1 580 1070 less than 170
SVU-2х2 580 1070 less than 170
SVU-2х4 580 1070 less than 170




Designed for rounding sharp edges and grinding of details, past mechanical processing, for cleaning surfaces and removing burrs in cast, forged, or cut with scissors small pieces, as well as to harden the surface layer of metal details by cold hardening with the help of steel or carbide balls. Recommended to use in engineering or repairs for self-stripping and finishing operations or conducting preparatory operations prior to plating. Installation can reduce complexity, improve productivity of labour.



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