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“VIBROMASH UK” LLP - is an exclusive dealer of “Elektrovibromashina” plan предлагает к поставке питатели с электромагнитным приводом производства завода «Электровибромашина» г. Цхинвал
“VIBROMASH UK” LLP - is an exclusive  dealer of the Italian company “OMB Vibrator Motors” in Russia and Central Asia предлагает к поставке мотор-вибраторы широкой номенклатуры компании OMB Vibrator motors 


Manufacturer: F/h "Bagration-2”, Privolnoe village, East-Kazakhstan region, Republic of Kazakhstan, Tel / Fax: 8 (72334) 31 132.

Vibrating installation of continuous action for frying, drying, heat treatment of seed, grain or legume crops


The presence of a large set of equipment of various technological purpose, meaningful performance and productivity, and more than 100 sizes of machines, enables us to create installations, facilities, sites, production units with a complete process cycle. 
The application of vibration can often intensify many technological processes in the dozens of times, to implement technology not approachable by equipment with other principles of action. High specific productivity of vibratory equipment helps to minimize its dimensions and, thus, fit it into the limited size of the existing production facilities. Easy docking of vibratory equipment among themselves and with other technological devices using flexible sealers allows to fully pressurize the technological process of production lines to operate under vacuum and in the atmosphere of shielding gas. MORE 

BATCH Vibratory mills
SVU-2M mill with removing grinding chambers
V=2х0,5; 2х1,0; 2х2,0; 2х4,0 л V = 2х0, 5, 2x1, 0, 2x2, 0, 2x4, 0 l

Vibration laboratory mills

SVU – 2х0,5; SVU – 2х1, SVU – 2х2; SVU – 2х4л. SVU - 2х0, 5; SVU - 2x1, SVU - 2x2; SVU – 2x4l.

Vibration mill VML-2x10P
Vibration mill VM30/1P
Vibration mill VM2x30P
Vibration mill VM 2x60P
Vibration mill VM 2x160P

Vibration mills are designed for fine grinding of materials in the batch mode. Vibration mills design compared to ball mill of rotary type provides an intensification of the process by 5-10 times, allowing to maintain the process of dry, wet grinding in a vacuum or controlled gaseous environment. Grinding chambers can be made of low carbon steel or corrosive steel. Rods, balls, cylpebs can be used as the grinding media. Mills have several parameters of the process control Вибрационные мельницы периодического действия

continuous Vibratory mills:
Vibration mill VM 12
Vibration mill VM 6 / 1
Vibration mill VM 10 / 1
Vibration mill VM 30
Vibration mill VM 30 / 1
Vibration mill VM-60, VM-60M; VM-60MF
Vibration mill for cyanidation VM- 60C

Vibration mill VM-200, VM-200M
Vibration mill VM-400  

Dry or wet grinding of materials by rods or balls in a continuous mode. Unlike batch vibration mill, continuous type mills can grind materials with a maximum size of pieces up to 30 mm. 

Вибрационные мельницы непрерывного действия

Vibration sieve VS-500, VS-500P with feeder
Vibration sieve VS-1000 VS-1000P with feeder

Vibration sieve VS-600 / 3, VS-600 / 2, VS-600 / 1
Vibration sieve VS-600/1S 
(for )
Vibration sieve VS-900 / 3, VS-900 / 2, VS-900 / 1

Chute vibration sieve VL-1000, VL-1000A
Sieve analyzer AS-2-200/300; AS-2-200/300P
Cylinder screen GB 800x1500

Chute screen GL 1 500

Designed for the separation of bulk materials by size. 
Sieves are provided with cleaning media for cleaning of the grid in the process of screening. Application of the proposed constructions allows for high intensity and completeness of the material screening, sealing of process, small size of sieves, low noise characteristics. 
Analyzers: designed for the analysis of particle size distribution of bulk materials. 
Вибрационные сита
Discharge vibrating activator, doubled
Vibrating activator AV-600-200 (600-160, 600-120)
Vibrating activator AV-2-600-260
Vibrating activator VAI 600, VAI 600M
Vibratory activator feeders  
Intended to stabilize the expiration of flour and fine-grained bulk materials form the hoppers prone to arching and hang. Provide a sealed transfer of bulk materials, have high reliability, low noise performance and small size.  Вибрационные активаторы

Continuous vibrating mixers

Designed for continuous mixing of any number of loose components, including fine, with any difference of specific weights. Can be used in any industry branches. Features of mixers are absence of internal mixing tanks, forcibly transported mixing elements

Смесители вибрационные
Laboratory vibrating mixer on the base of vibrating processing plant SVU - SVU-2SM with interchangeable mixing chambers V = 2х0, 5, 2x1, 0, 2x3, 2x6  
Vibrating mixer VSM 2x (0,5-6)
Vibrating mixer VSM 2x (6-10)
Vibrating mixer VSM 2x10 (5) and VSM 2x10 (15), VSM 2x25 (10)
Vibrating mixer VSM 2x20 (40)
Vibrating mixer VSM 2x30, VSM 2x30 (40)
Vibrating mixer VSM 2x60, VSM 2x60 (30)
Vibrating mixer VSML 2x100
Vibrating mixer VSML 2x160
Vibrating mixer VSML 500
Vibrating mixers have ten times higher performance than traditional mixer designs, while ensuring high quality of the finished mixture. They are easy to seal, have low metal consumption and occupy small production area. If necessary, mixing tanks may be equipped with means of heating or cooling. It is possible to supply mixers by additional tanks of smaller volume. Смесители вибрационные
Vibrating heat exchangers, drying apparatuses, dryers, cabinet dryers.
Vibrating heat exchanging apparatus BTA-60
Vibrodryer BTA-100
SVI 1000
SVI 2000
Stand for drying process research of high-damp materials with infrared heating
Cabinet dryer ShS 0,32 x4
Intended for drying of high-damp powder materials in various industries, cooling hot bulk material. Mode: batch or continuous. The absence in the working body tedders and other moving parts ensures high integrity and reliability of the design. 

 Laboratory vibrating processing unit on the base of vibrating processing plant SVU-2, with removable tanks V = 2х0, 5, 2x1, 0, 2x2, 0, 2x4, 0 l
Vibrating processing units VO 2x4, VO 2x25
Vibrating processing unit VO 2x40
Vibrating processing unit "Vibrind"

Designed for rounding the edges of hard non-regrined metal plates, as well as for rounding sharp edges and grinding details, which passed mechanical processing, for cleaning surfaces and removing burr in cast, forged, or cut with scissors small pieces, as well as to harden the surface layer of metal and or hardened steel or carbide balls. It is recommended to use in engineering to repair or for prior operations and finishing operations, or conducting preparatory operations prior to plating. Installation can reduce complexity, improve productivity вибраобрабатывающие установки

Vibrating and belt conveyors
Vibroconveyor KV 1T - 0,12 / L
Vibrating conveyor sectioned KV1T - 0,15
Vivrating conveyor, one-section KV1T - 0,15 / LN
Vibroconveyor KV 1T - 0.2 / 4
Vibroconveyor KV 1T - 0,2 / 5,65

Vibroconveyor KL-650; KL-650/12 

Purpose - supply of bulk materials, transportation of bulk materials  
Laboratory vibrating reactor RVR-50  
Vibrating reactor RV-25/130, RVO-25/130, heated
Vibrating reactor RV-600/360, RVO-600/360, heated
Reactor RV-2500/620

MVI-1 (laboratory)


Blade mixer 3,6 x3, 3

Designed for mixing of liquid components and slurries at temperatures up to 100C (in the heated reactor) in the batch mode, mixing of liquids with gases



Purpose - mixing of liquid components and pulps

вибрационные реакторы
Inertial vibro-exciters
Rotary vibro-exciters rotary
Pneumatic vibro-exciters
Purpose - creation of the circular and directed vibrations  

Vibrating Feeders, Vibrating weighers, screw feeders, swinging feeders, feeders SCRAPER
Tube vibrofeeder PV-0, 2 / 0, 6
Tube vibrofeeder PV-0, 15 / L
Tube vibrofeeder PV-0, 12 / 0,6
Feed hoppers, horizontal

Screw feed hopper BPV-100
Screw feed hopper BPV-50
Screw feed hopper BPV-50/40-25
Screw feed hopper BPV-20

Screw feed hopper BPV-500
Hopper-weigher 0,5 m3
Vibrating Feeder PEV-60/5-15

Vibrating feed screw PVSH-20
Vibrating feed screw PVSH-200
Spring-screw feeder PPVSH-125
Swinging feeders PK-0, 25, PK-0, 3

(without hopper, single-flow );
Swinging feeders PK-0, 3M
(with Hopper, single-flow), PK-0, 3P
Screw feeder FS-0, 7 / 0, 76
Screw feeder PSH-0, 7 / 1, 76
Screw feeder PSH-1, 7 / 0, 76
Screw feeder PSH-1, 7 / 0, 76
Screw feeder PSH-3, 0 / 1, 76

Vibratory feeders with an electromagnetic drive manufactured by “Elektrovibromashina” plant in Tskhinvali.

Designed for dosing and feeding of bulk materials and can be used in various industries for simultaneous work with technological devices. Feed hoppers have a vibratory storage hopper with a screw tray inside, ending in the upper part of a discharge pipe and a device for operational performance management. Screw tray on the top part can be fitted with a perforated tray for retention of large particles from the material. 
If necessary, feed hopper can be fitted with an additional device for continuous feeding with material from the feed bin. Feeders provide a uniform and leak-tight supply of bulk materials, guarantee the absence of hang in the Hopper, even the most capricious of materials, such as parts of microelectronics with the leads, allow to provide a wide range of performance regulation and mobility of use. 

вибрационные питатели

Screw sampler
Step sampler
Probe sampler
Piston sampler
Airgun sampler

Designed for sampling from bulk materials пробообменники

Divider D-1 / 1
Divider D-3 / 0,5 with feeder PEV-60/5-15
Divider D-5/2-1 (2)
Divider D-10/10
Divider D-16/32
Two-section dividers D-5 / 2, D-3 / 0,5
Divider D-400

Designed for the selection of representative samples of loose materials from the vertical flow. Provides a complete intersection of the flow of material up to 60 times per minute.  делители проб

Vertical vibratory stand Disk grinder SVV-6 (10)
(V = 0,75 l , 0,4 l , 1,5 l )
Sample grinder on the base of vibration stand SVU-2:

- 36 cups of V = 40 cm3
- 8 cups V = 350 cm3
- 8 cups V = 500 cm3
-2 tanks V = 4, 2; 1; 0,5
Sample grinder IPS-4 analogue 75TDRM
Sample grinder IP-8

Designed for fine grinding of samples of bulk materials измельчение проб
Universal vibrating stand SVU-2
Vibration mills
Installation for grinding of samples
Vibrating mixers
Sieve Analyzer
Processing units
Stand SVU-2 is designed to research the processes of vibrational mixing, fine grinding and pelleting of bulk materials, grain size analysis, fine grinding of samples of bulk materials, the vibrational treatment of small details in an abrasive environment in easily removable interchangeable working bodies.  стенд вибрационный
Crusher DVS 2x10
Crusher D3-2x240
Hammer crusher DM 600x150
Jaw Crusher DLSCH 80x150
Jaw Crusher DSCH150x250
Hopper 0,1 m3
Hopper 0,25 m 3 for BPV-50
Hopper 1m 3 for BPV-50
Cyclone CN-15, 0x220
Cyclone discharger URK-400
Vibroneedle PI-51
Vibration press
Spud vibrator
stand SMA-4 automatic
Washing Stand
SM-0, 5
Kit for liquid spreading
Box board cutting machine
Stone cutting machine SK-500, SK-800
Transport kibble self-discharging 0,5, 0,14, 0,1; 0,005
Screw hoister PV-2, 3
Weight trolley 
Rail trolley
Ladle elevator 0,5 m 3 / h, 5 m 3 / h

Complex for the preparation of drilling muds

Technical and commercial proposal for the 4 complexes for liquid glass production
Complex for preparation of sodium silicate (liquid glass) by non-autoclave method

Unit for processing and testing of refining industry waste Q = 500- 100 kg / h
Grinding-scattering complex for refining of electronic scrap
Installation for screening and sampling of fine materials
Complex for fine grinding and sieving of bulk materials
Complex for grinding and testing of bulk materials
Complex for grinding of zinc drosses
Typical grinding line for bulk materials on the base of the vibration mill VM-60 and VM-200
Mixing and dosing complex with continuous operation for dry construction mixtures (DCM) Q = 1,5 m / hour for the installation of reinforced concrete bars (RCB)
Mixing and dosing complex for DCM spray-concrete Q = 10t/hour
Mixing and dosing complex with batch operation for preparation of DCM, coating of electrodes and electrode wire
Equipment for the unit for microspheres production
Regeneration installation of orgsynthesis catalysts  
Complex for testing of catalysts containing precious metals Q = 10t/hour
Complex for testing and preparation for the recycling of catalysts containing precious metals
Plant for bentonite preparation Q = 5 000t/year
Complex for grinding of manganese concentrate

Installation for regeneration of spent molding sand in the liquid glass
Installation for the preparation of coal-water fuel by vibrogrinding 
Complex for pulverizing of ferroalloys

Installation for silicocalcium grinding

Feed processing plant for poultry farm with productivity of 100 tons / day
Mini-flour installation MMU -100
Unit for premixes preparation for poultry

In accordance with the original requirements of the customer technical and commercial proposal may be given. 
Equipment for the production of DCM
Equipment for the preparation of charge materials of welding electrodes coating and flux-cored wire
Equipment for Laboratories and QCD


Application of OBM with organobentonitom for quality drilling of productive oil layer
Silica fume and its application


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Vibrating mine hatch
LSHV 3,35.00 000PS


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